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May 2017

Another year has passed and MacSoph and I have swept, dusted and updated Queendom Website and Queendom Annex for the arrival of Eleanor of Aquitaine.


If you have arrived at Queendom Annex, you are likely taking a class and your classrooms are stored here.


If you have clicked on this page or on Queendom Annex's Home Page, you will need to return to Queendom Website and to your class home page to return to your lessons


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May 15, 2017

A year has passed and here we are again, at Queendom Annex in preparation for Eleanor of Aquitaine's class.

QueendomAnnex.com is a storage site for class lessons.

Why? Because Queendom Website gets too crowded and large.

I can leave lessons stored here indefinitely.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

It is nearly a year later and Queendom Annex has been very useful.

So far I have used it as a place for Secret Rooms for classes and I will continue to do so.


We'll see in the next year how it evolves.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today a new and hopefully helpful website is born, called Queendom Annex.


Queendom Website has grown so large that MacSoph and I need an annex and so this afternoon Cody helped me create one.


There is access through Queendom Website for those of you who would like it. And it looks just like Queendom Website.


We'll see how it evolves, won't we, MacSoph.



Queendom Annex


Auxiliary Site for Queendom Website.


If you have arrived here, the chances are good you are in a class.


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